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SE Asia’s fund managers expect more pain as fundraising timelines extend, target sizes fall

The coming months do not look promising for fund managers in Southeast Asia as recent macroeconomic developments—high inflation, rising interest rates, and geopolitical tensions—do not seem to favour private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) fundraising.
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Estamos em um momento muito importante na história da tecnologia e do venture capital

A Capria Ventures é uma empresa de venture capital focada em promover startups e empreendedores em mercados emergentes – ou no Sul Global, como diz a empresa. O grupo de venture capital é relativamente novo, tendo fechado seu primeiro fundo...
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Negócios: investimentos em startups tornam-se mais seletivos

Cautela e canja de galinha não fazem mal a ninguém, ensina o dito popular. Assim, mesmo os sofisticados mercados de capitais acabam se pautando por esta máxima em tempos de reorganização financeira. De acordo com a plataforma Crunchbase, o financiamento...
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Tr(AI)lblazer – HomeAgent

A new era of customer support is here! 🌟 By upskilling their agents using Generative AI, Home Agent is elevating customer interactions. Watch the video to learn how Home Agent is taking a giant leap in revolutionizing the customer...
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TI Inside Talk Podcast with Susana Garcia Robles

In today's episode of Claudiney Santos from TI Inside spoke with Susana Garcia-Robles from the international fund Capria talks about the search for Brazilian agro and sustainability startups for investment. No episódio de hoje do TI Inside Talk, convidamos Susana...
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Navegando por águas tempestuosas: como as startups brasileiras podem sobreviver e prosperar

2023 não tem sido exatamente fácil para as startups brasileiras. No primeiro trimestre de 2023, houve uma queda de 86% no volume total de investimentos em startups brasileiras em comparação com o mesmo período do ano passado.
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How Generative AI Shields Against the Silent Demographic Winter

Amid the bustling sounds of urban life in Jakarta, a different rhythm emerges: the march of demographic decline. Globally, we’re on a precipitous path, shaped not by natural calamity, but by a subtler force – population decline. Replacement-level fertility rates...
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RiseUpSouth – Aprende Institute

Introducing Aprende Institute, our remarkable portfolio gem founded by Martin Claure, which is empowering learners through online vocational training in US and LatAm. Aprende Institute is unleashing limitless opportunities for 30,000+ people by igniting their potential through the transformative...
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Vida Moderna Podcast with Susana Garcia Robles

In this Podcast Guido Orlando spoke with Susana Garcia-Robles, partner at Capria Ventures talked about investments in Startups in these turbulent days...  turbulentos para esse setor de empresas que prometem resolver os mais complicados problemas e estão ávidas por...
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AMA with AI expert Oren Etzioni – Part 2

Dive into the fascinating world of GenerativeAI with Oren Etzioni, CEO at Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Technical Director at AI2 Incubator and Professor Emeritus at University of Washington. In this video, we quizzed him on some pretty interesting questions:...
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Unitus Ventures is now Capria India

Unitus Ventures, a leading venture capital firm in India, is joining forces with its US affiliate Capria Ventures, a Global South specialist, to operate with a unified global strategy under a single brand, Capria Ventures.