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Meet the Innovators

Our portfolio founders play a pivotal role in driving economic growth by envisioning innovative solutions that address pressing challenges. Their ability to identify untapped opportunities and create disruptive business models stimulates new markets, industries, and job opportunities. By pushing the boundaries of traditional thinking, our founders catalyze technological advancements and drive economic growth.

Capria - Pravin Saurbah e1704178437996

Pravin & Saurabh

Company: betterplace
Region: India

Founded in 2015 by Pravin Agarwal and Saurabh Tandon,  BetterPlace is Asia’s largest workforce management SaaS platform, delivering digital solutions for enterprises to manage the entire lifecycle of their frontline workers. BetterPlace enables millions in the blue-collar workforce to get access to jobs, skills, and training in their local language, access to banking solutions, credit, insurance, quality healthcare, etc., by providing solutions that build and leverage their digital profiles.

Capria - Fabio Boucinhas CEO and co founder of HomeAgent Brazil e1702457837942

Fabio Boucinhas

Company: Home Agent
Region: latin america

Home Agent, a tech platform transforming Latin America’s customer service and telemarketing sector, was founded in 2011 by Fabio Boucinhas. Home Agent uses technological and innovative platforms to decentralize call centers. This allows access to more qualified people who are not available in the traditional contact center, in addition to reducing costs and benefiting agents – who no longer need to waste time commuting from home to work and earn 4 hours a day to invest in their quality of life. 

Capria - Helium Health Co Founders

Adegoke, Tito & Dimeji

Company: Helium Health
Region: africa

Founded in 2015 by Adegoke Olubusi, Tito Ovia, Dimeji Sofowora, Helium Health is the largest provider of full-service technology solutions for all healthcare stakeholders in emerging markets. Helium Health is on a quest to digitize healthcare across Africa. Helium Health’s adaptable, personalized, and reliable products place patient care front and center, and we pride ourselves on delivering phenomenal customer care and support for all our partners. Helium Health serves 1,000+ facilities, 10,000+ healthcare workers and has distributed loans of over USD 3 million.

Capria - Manan Khurma CueMath 1200x900 1

Manan Khurma

Company: cuemath
Region: India

Founded in 2013 by Manan Khurma, Cuemath is an edtech company focused on math learning for K-12 students. Cuemath’s vision is to make children great at math and create invincible problem-solvers who will go on to solve humanity’s greatest problems. Cuemath’s proprietary tech platform, empathetic and customer-centric workforce, and dedicated faculty teaching the Cuemath way are integral to the success and growth of the company. 

Capria - Agrofy Founders

Maximiliano & Alejandro

Company: agrofy
Region: latin america

Agrofy, founded in 2015 by Maximiliano Landrein and Alejandro Larosa, is a technology company with agricultural DNA that is committed to developing the agricultural community throughout the region by democratizing access to a world of solutions. Its objective is to simplify and strengthen agribusiness through digitization of the sector. Agrofy’s all-in-one agribusiness is driving the ultimate technology revolution from seeds to machinery, logistics to financing.

Capria - From Left to Right Co founders of Masau School Nrupul Dev CTO Prate. 1

Prateek, Yogesh & Nrupul

Company: Masai School
Region: India

Founded in 2019 by Prateek Shukla, Yogesh Bhat and Nrupul Dev, Masai School is India’s only outcome-based career institute, revolutionizing India’s education system. As India’s fastest-growing career institute, Masai has one goal: unlocking the human potential of India by making our education system outcome-driven. The company is on a mission to make tech careers accessible to everyone, no matter their financial or educational backgrounds. 

Capria - SeamlessHR co founders scaled

Deji & Emmanuel

Company: seamlessHR
Region: africa

SeamlessHR, founded in 2018 by Deji Lana and Emmanuel Okeleji, is a tech company dedicated to helping businesses in emerging markets become productive and successful. SeamlessHR offers cloud-based, end-to-end software to streamline and manage human resource processes. The company’s mission is to assist African businesses in optimizing resources and improving the quality of life for people in Africa. SeamlessHR firmly believes in empowering enterprises with homegrown solutions that enhance their operational efficiency.

Capria - l r praveen kumar sah co founder cto ananya sarthak co founder ceo gurpreet singh co founder cro scaled

Praveen, Sarthak & Gurpreet

Company: Awign
Region: India

Awign was founded in 2016 by Annanya Sarthak, Gurpreet Singh, and Praveen Kumar Sah. Awign is India’s largest work-as-a-service platform, helping enterprises run their business at scale through end-to-end management and outcome-based execution of core business functions. Awign plays a vital role in tackling the employment and skill gap problems and ensuring they are skilled to handle jobs in the new normal. 

Capria - Adalberto Flores Ochao e1702457893286

Adalberto Flores Ochao

Company: kueski
Region: latin america

Kueski, founded in 2012 by Adalberto Flores and Leonardo de la Cerda, is one of Mexico’s largest online consumer lenders, simplifying finances and empowering people financially. The company’s innovative technology and data-driven approach enable faster credit decisions, positively impacting the economy and society while promoting financial inclusion. Kueski Personal Loans help those who need quick funds through a completely online process. 

Capria - bharatagri founders

Sai & Siddharth

Company: bharatAgri
Region: India

BharatAgri, an advisory-driven crop-input e-commerce platform for farmers, was founded by Siddharth Dialani and Sai Gole in 2018. BharatAgri combines weather-based parameters along with agronomic data to provide personalized scientific techniques for farm management, starting from land preparation to harvesting, details about nutrition management, pest and disease management, water management, and inter-crop operations. BharatAgri’s mission is to bridge the gap between technology and agriculture in India with an aim to reach out to the maximum number of Indian farmers. 


Julian Flosbach, Chukwudi Enyi, & Moses Nmor

Company: BFREE
Region: Africa

Julian Flosbach, Chukwudi Enyi, and Moses Nmor founded BFREE in 2020 with a vision to reshape the credit collection landscape across emerging markets in Africa. BFREE leverages Generative AI to empower consumers to address debt responsibly while providing effective, customer-centric solutions for lenders.


Kevin Hausburg & Sasanadi Ruka

Company: wagely
Region: SE asia

Kevin Hausburg and Sasanadi Ruka lead wagely with a vision to empower workers in Indonesia and Bangladesh to regain control over their income and finances by offering earned wage access through a low-cost, convenient, and transparent system.


Rodrigo Gonçalves, Pedro Azevedo, Renato Castilho, & Luis Martinez

Company: goFlux
Region: latin america

Rodrigo Gonçalves, Pedro Azevedo, Renato Castilho, and Luis Martinez founded goFlux in 2018 with a vision to transform the agro-freight logistics landscape in Brazil thorugh a SaaS-enabled marketplace which digitizes freight exchange.

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