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Unitus Ventures and Capria Ventures Unite to Create Global South VC Powerhouse

Capria helping 350+ portfolio companies apply Generative AI and investing in 30+ more Bangalore, September 20, 2023: Unitus Ventures, a leading venture capital firm in India that supports early-stage tech startups focused on India’s rising middle class, today announced that...
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Capria GenAI Tool Spotlight: Numerous.AI

NumerousAI is an AI-powered tool that can help you automate tasks, improve your accuracy, and generate ideas in Google Sheets. It is still under development, but it has the potential to be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes...
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Capria GenAI Tool Spotlight: Symon.AI

Symon.AI is a no-code data analytics platform that also leverages the power of NLP to enable anyone to transform data into insights. With a drag-and-drop interface, businesses can clean, prepare, and analyze data without technical skills. Users can use prompts...
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Enhancing QA Performance Using Proprietary Data

In this week's quick GenAI reads, we'd like to share a thought on enhancing QA performance using proprietary data. Traditionally, the approach involves vectorizing data and conducting a similarity search. However, an alternative method could be employed: 1. Process all...
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Capria GenAI Tool Spotlight: AI Note Taking Tools

AI note taking uses natural language processing, speech recognition, and other AI capabilities to automatically generate formatted notes, summaries, and highlights from documents, conversations, meetings, and other information sources. AI Note Taking Tool is a Game Changer for Your Team...
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Capria GenAI Tool Spotlight: Intranet Querying Tools

Intranet querying refers to using a tool to access information in one spot regardless of where it is stored. Intranet querying tools would be able to pull information from other third-party tools and show results based on the query, providing...
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El Venture Capital En Perú Tiene Suficiente Fundamento Para Seguir Creciendo

Capria, un fondo de inversión, internacional, se encuentra levantando su fondo 2, luego de haber invertido 57 millones de dólares de su fondo 1. En este nuevo fondo esperan levantar el doble y para contarnos sobre esto y mucho más,...
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Agritech startup BharatAgri is helping farmers in farming through AI

Highlights BharatAgri was co-founded in 2018 by IIT Madras alumni Siddharth Dialani and Sai Gole. The agritech startup's AI-powered bot specializes in answering farmers' queries. BharatAgri also operates a YouTube channel that shares farming tips and all other crop-related information....
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The Soul Searching Podcast featuring Surya Mantha

Our Managing Partner, Surya Mantha, talks about the transformational power of Generative AI and how our start-ups are applying this technology to leapfrog to this next wave of growth.
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Typical Architecture of a Language Model-Assisted QA Bot

The core architecture comprises three layers: 1. Website Interface: Serving as the primary user-data interface, the website requires minimal resources for operation. The majority of processing is offloaded to the vectorDB and language model instances. 2. VectorDB Layer: Housing numeric...
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Unitus Ventures is now Capria India

Unitus Ventures, a leading venture capital firm in India, is joining forces with its US affiliate Capria Ventures, a Global South specialist, to operate with a unified global strategy under a single brand, Capria Ventures.