Investing Partners

We are actively investing in partnership with local managers:





Pandu Sjahrir, Adrian Li, Michael Soerijadji, Michelle Chang, Helen Wong
Indonesia/SE Asia
Digital Enablers, eCommerce, Fintech, Logistics, SME Tech
Hernan Fernandez, Camilo Kejner
FinTech, AgriTech, Healthtech, Foodtech and e-Commerce
Rahul Chandra, Bala Srinivasa


Financial Services, Healthcare, Transportation and Food/grocery.
Aniko Szigetvari, IK Kanu
FinTech, Logistics, and AgriTech
Edward Thai, Binh Tran
Vietnam/SE Asia
FinTech, HR tech, Logistics, and AgTech
Rafa de Haro, Pepe Bolaños
FinTech, Proptech, Edtech, Healthtech & SaaS
Erik Wallsten, Paula Giraldo
Healthcare, Education, Housing and Alternative energy
Cristóbal Silva, Ricardo Levy, Tomás Délano, Andrea Araneda
Biotechnology, Fintech and Software
Ben J Benjamin, Jeremy Loh, Martin Tang
SE Asia
JobTech, Fintech and Healthcare
Noor Sweid, Said Murad, Sacha Haider, Medea Nocentini, Simon Sharp
Africa / Middle East
Enterprise Technology

Steven Grin, Samakab Hashi, Rob Eloff

Fintech, Cleantech, and Healthtech
Ariel Arrieta, Alexander Busse, Gonzalo Costa, Marta Cruz, Darly Bendo
United States
Cloud & SaaS, Logistics Technology, FinTech, B2B Marketplaces, information services and AI.
Richard Ambrose, Daniel Granada
Agriculture and Basic Goods & Services
Martin Aspillaga, Guillermo, Miró Quesada, Luis Arbulú, Alfonso Montero
Fintech, e-commerce, smart cities and logistics, Saas / B2B, edtech and healthtech
Francisco Jardim, Felipe Guth, Alexandre Stephan, Ariadne Caballero, Filipe Labao de Almeida
AgriTech, FoodTech and Biotechnology
Clifford Sobel, Scott Sobel, Antoine Colaco, Michael Nicklas
Fintech, Health & Wellness, EdTech, Logistics, Mobility, Crypto

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Capria Ventures and its related entities are committed to the highest standards of ethics and strictly enforce a zero-tolerance anti-corruption policy. Please report any suspicious activity to [email protected]. All reports will be treated with utmost urgency and resolved appropriately.

Unitus Ventures is now Capria India

Unitus Ventures, a leading venture capital firm in India, is joining forces with its US affiliate Capria Ventures, a Global South specialist, to operate with a unified global strategy under a single brand, Capria Ventures.