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How Capria is pushing its portfolio companies to adopt GenAI

Venture Capital firm Capria has been working with its portfolio companies to ensure AI integration to improve efficiencies and market size. Will Poole, Managing Partner at Capria, says that startups that ignore the AI opportunity will lose out to incumbents...
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Paymob secures Central Bank of Oman’s PSP license

From left to right: Mostafa Menessy, Co-founder & CTO; Islam Shawky, Co-founder & CEO; Alain El Hajj, Co-founder & COO. Image Courtesy: Paymob This is the first PSP license that CBO has issued to an international fintech company   MUSCAT,...
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How Home Agent is revolutionising home office operations

Ignite productivity, elevate employee satisfaction! Our portfolio company Home Agent's technology-led innovation is the secret formula for efficiency and substantial savings. Here’s a quick glimpse into how Home Agent is revolutionizing home office operations across Brazil, one step at...
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Ved Antani’s, CPTO BetterPlace, insights on how blue-collar jobs may weather raging AI storm better

Synopsis: Only 1% of blue-collar jobs were currently at risk of being automated by AI, according to HR services firm TeamLease Services. In addition, AI can enhance blue-collar workers’ productivity in ways that could improve their pay, and companies are...
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Paymob partners with Tamara to revolutionise SME payments in GCC

Paymob, a leading financial services enabler in the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan (MENA-P), has formed a strategic partnership with Tamara, the premier shopping and payments platform in the GCC region. Paymob, known for its robust omnichannel payments infrastructure,...
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Watch how Faradai is using AI to achieve net-zero goals

In this episode of ‘Applying AI with Capria’, we catch up with Sahin Caglayan, CEO and co-founder of Faradai, our portfolio company building the future internet of energy. Sahin shares how: DeCarbon AI, Faradai’s AI powered decarbonisation co-pilot, acts...
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Alami featured as one of the 50 rising startups in Indonesia by TechInAsia

Which startups are on the path to becoming the next big thing? One way to tell would be to check when they’ve raised a new round. Using Tech in Asia data, we’ve generated a list of startups in Indonesia that have recently...
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Why Mexico is an important market for Capria

Susana explains why Mexico is a priority for Capria Ventures, as well as the importance of the region for Spanish-speaking startups for their growth in LATAM. The story also captures Capria Ventures’ dedication to fostering entrepreneurial growth in the Global...
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Farm tech platform BharatAgri to expand to 3 more States

Farming technology platform BharatAgri, which helps farmers through a unique algorithm providing a farming calendar for a full year through its mobile app, plans to expand to Gujarat, Karnataka and Telangana.
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How DriveU is taking the trouble out of travel

TRAVEL CAN BE thrilling or traumatising, depending on how well you have planned your itinerary, organised your bookings and nailed down your activities. And therein lies the nub. Balancing these details along with the chaos of one's daily life often results...
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Unitus Ventures is now Capria India

Unitus Ventures, a leading venture capital firm in India, is joining forces with its US affiliate Capria Ventures, a Global South specialist, to operate with a unified global strategy under a single brand, Capria Ventures.