Formula for Hyper Scale = You + Capria


Agrofy is a horizontal online marketplace for agri-business in LatAm.

Region of operation: LatAm

Where Is My Transport

WIMT is a South-Africa based tech company that helps people understand mobility in emerging-market megacities by filling the mobility gap.

Region of operation: India, South East Asia, LatAm


Aprende provides vocational courses to life-long learners in LatAm and in the US Hispanic Market.

Region of operation: LatAm & US Hispanic


Sendy is the leading tech-enabled logistics marketplace in East Africa connecting businesses with distribution centers and logistics providers.

Region of operation: Ghana, Tanzania, Cote d`Ivoire, South Africa


Eduvanz is a new age digital finance company that provides education loans starting from zero Interest for students and skill seekers.

Region of operation: India

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We specialise in helping early growth tech companies from the global south achieve hyper-scale through the power of our 1) global business development partnerships, 2) global south founder network and 3) global investor network.

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