The World No Longer Ignores Latin America

Capria Ventures is a global fund focused on emerging markets (EMs): LATAM, Sub-Saharan Africa, MENA, India and SE Asia. Our strategy is to invest in funds and in some of their portfolio companies. But we’re more than your typical investor!

Capria is a global investment firm leading the largest network of fund managers collaborating to deliver superior returns in emerging markets, using flexible capital, advanced investment systems, and deep partnerships. We value the cross-fertilization that happens when you have fund managers from different regions in the same network.

We want to tap into the talent of these nascent ecosystems, where entrepreneurs are using technology to solve real challenges. Because of the magnitude of EMs challenges around access to basic needs: finance, health, education, water and sanitation, jobs, etc., the opportunity to have companies with a total addressable market of $1 Bi plus is real.

This article was featured on Forbes Mexico

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