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Dhruv Bijoor

Vice President, Investor Relations
Capria Ventures All Team - Dhruv Bijoor

At Capria Ventures, as Vice President, Dhruv manages the end-to-end process of raising capital from investors.

He has had two stints in consultancy, a short one at EY (Risk Advisory) and a longer one at KPMG (Government Advisory). Dhruv completed his Bachelor’s in Economics (Honors) at Christ University before moving to the Netherlands to do a Master’s in Economics at Maastricht University (School of Business & Economics). After this, he entered the startup ecosystem as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at a startup studio called Holland Startup in Utrecht. He then ran an investment banking consultancy firm called AVACASA, which was focused on giving founders an opportunity to raise capital from investors.

Outside of work, Dhruv is an avid football and mixed martial arts fan.

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Unitus Ventures is now Capria India

Unitus Ventures, a leading venture capital firm in India, is joining forces with its US affiliate Capria Ventures, a Global South specialist, to operate with a unified global strategy under a single brand, Capria Ventures.