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Unitus Ventures Entrepreneur Newsletter- April 2015

Written by Capria Admin
April 5, 2015

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StartECapria - 400efd70 0c6f 435f ace2 c663595491d9du 1B Winners!

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Future Maverick wins with their service “Get Set Sorted“- an integrated career guidance platform offering end-to-end guidance to high school students through online and offline channels.
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Teer Design, with “Classalyze”, an online platform that tracks and analyzes school’s assessment scores in order to improve performance.
As a part of our StartEdu 1B program, both companies will get introduced to angel investors who are interested in early stage education companies.

StartEdu 3 applications open on July 1!

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Entrepreneurial Newsfeed

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What Matters Most in Startup Success

Bill Gross is a lifelong entrepreneur who has started more than 100 companies in his career, resulting in more than 40 successful IPO’s and mergers and acquisitions. Watch Bill expertly distill what he has learned over the years in thisvideo.

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Don’t Fear The Down Round: What HBO’s Silicon Valley Gets Right and Wrong About Negotiating a Lower Valuation

What matters is the valuation, not so much the amount raised. Everyone only keeps making paper wealth and feeling good if each milestone rewards the company with a higher price of what it’s “worth.” Read the complete article here
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Steve Blank On Why Most Startups Fail, And It’s Got Nothing To Do With Technology

“Startup founders often delude themselves by saying they have this or that great technology or insight and that they know the customer’s problem. So let’s just build the solution. But most startups fail..” Read complete article here.

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Fresh entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts usually face a conundrum of what form of business should they start with. While they are usually clear about the idea they want to pursue, they are unable to decide how to go about company registration. Complete article here.

19 Hard-Truths First Time Entrepreneurs Should Learn

Trying to convince investors to say “yes” after they’ve said “no” is a waste of time and energy. Networking is working and totally worthwhile. The old adage still holds true “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

Read all the other facts here.

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To Be Successful In Business, Do This (says Peter Thiel)

“What should you be thinking about when you are trying to create a successful business?”. This article summrizes Peter’s perspective. Read here.

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