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BharatAgri: New funding and GenAI application in agritech explained

Written by Capria Team
November 7, 2023

We are back with another episode of SPOTLIGHT, where we catch up with Siddharth Dialani, co-founder of BharatAgri, an advisory-driven e-commerce platform providing personalized scientific consultancy for farmers.In case you missed it, BharatAgri recently raised Series A funding.

Siddharth shares how:

  • BharatAgri collects data from farms, soil, weather, and satellite-based images to provide farmers with a season-long scientific schedule.
  • BharatAgri has seamlessly integrated Generative AI into its communication systems and is now managing 65% of all user queries.
  • AI has made processes more efficient and cost-effective and has proved to be a powerful tool in its quality analysis function.

Stay tuned for more videos like these.


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