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Key takeaways from our review of GenAI tool: AI Note Taking Tools

Written by Capria Admin
August 30, 2023

AI note taking uses natural language processing, speech recognition, and other AI capabilities to automatically generate formatted notes, summaries, and highlights from documents, conversations, meetings, and other information sources.

AI Note Taking Tool is a Game Changer for Your Team

  • AI note taking can be a force multiplier for small teams, allowing you to efficiently record and reference key details from customer conversations, product documents, user research, and internal meetings.
  • Giving the job of note taking to an AI assistant allows you and your team to stay fully focused on the conversation during meetings.
  • Many tools provide analysis of the call so you can more easily see overused phrases, detecting positive or negative tones, and pull out key soundbites.

Top Tools:
At Capria, we tested and researched over 14 tools and found these tools to be the best offerings based on cost, functionality and ease of implementation:

  • Pros:
    • Affordable pricing options.
    • Relatively higher quality transcriptions compared to similar tools.
    • Automatically send editable meeting notes to attendees post meeting.
  • Cons:
    • AI sometimes does not pick up on different accents, rendering the transcript and notes useless.
    • Cannot be added to meeting once meeting has started, must be added before.

  • Pros:
    • Robust NLP for summarization, chapter & topics, acton items and key questions.
    • Allows user to watch recording later in summarized and chapter format.
  • Cons:
    • Powerful AI features come with more premium licensing starting at USD $20 per month per user, upwards to almost USD $30.
    • Cannot be added to meeting once meeting has started, must be added before.

Microsoft Teams

  • Pros:
    • Automatically get high quality and detailed meeting notes of any meeting that is recorded, which means if you don’t want the meeting to be transcribed, don’t record the meeting.
    • Clear indication of meeting notes, next steps and also specific call outs to users so they know when they were called out and for what during the meeting.
  • Cons:
    • Premium offering on top of their enterprise/business SKUs, priced at around USD
      $10 per month per user.
    • Only automatically accessible to users with a license, unlike other tools that send a post meeting follow up email to all attendees of the meeting and share the meeting notes. In order to share with non-licensed users, you would need to manually ‘copy all’ and paste the notes.

Capria’s Take:

  • While has more powerful NLP and customization capabilities, is likely the better starting point for smaller or earlier stage companies given its simpler implementation and lower cost.
  • For firms who want more advanced analytics, provides more analytics and higher quality summaries/action items, which is why Capria moving forward will also be using for note taking.
  • We caution against investing too heavily in these tools (don’t pay for that annual subscription yet!) since Google Suite and Microsoft have plans in the pipeline to build similar functionality into their own suites.

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