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It’s Time to Embrace Remote Due Diligence

Written by Will Poole
October 28, 2020

Capria - notebook scilife diagram free1 1As a global network of fund managers looking to continue their investing despite lockdowns and travel restrictions, we’ve all been exploring the best tools and processes for investing without travel — embracing remote due diligence. At the same time, the realities of the pandemic have caused many in our network to re-look at their investment strategies long before deciding to invest and going into DD.

To give you an extra edge in your investment program, we’ve built a Remote Due Diligence & Investment Strategy Evaluation which will help you understand how well you’ve prepared and adapted to this new-normal of investing. It takes under 10 minutes to sign up for the Capria Edge platform and take the eval, at which point you’ll see how you compare to regional and global peers and gain some valuable insights to help you continue a profitable investing program despite the pandemic.

Access the free eval on the Capria Edge platform here  After you complete the eval, it will provide an actionable checklist that you will find very helpful.

Remote DD goes both ways – what you do with companies, and what LPs do with you. So keep that in mind as you adjust to this new world. Please also read Remote Due Diligence for Investors in a Pandemic World, recently posted by Capria’s Susan Garcia-Robles who, among many accomplishments in her 20-year LP investing career, managed to keep the investing program of Interamerican Development Bank going through both the 2000 and 2008 global crises.

A final note: a large European LP who has completed 2 fund investments and a number of direct investments during the pandemic recently commented to me:

“Two quite simple things made a significant impact on our process:

  1. Organisation and comprehensive nature of the dataroom was even more important than normal as lessened the unnecessary to and fro.
  2. Speed of turnaround – there is more back and forth when you can’t visit sites so speeding up every interaction made a significant difference.”

This is sound advice for GPs being evaluated as well as for CEOs you are evaluating.


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