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Investee Spotlight: How Cuemath is creating meaningful opportunities for educated homemakers

Delhi-based Cuemath is creating a home-based math learning network in India. With 2,000 centres across 9 cities, Cuemath is aiming to expand to 5,000 centres by 2018, as well as expand to Tier II and III cities.

A young, feisty Priyanka fought with her family to pursue her MBA. When she first entered the workforce, she was a step closer to the dream she nurtured since childhood; of being a fiercely independent woman. Priyanka worked steadily for six years, allowing nothing to stop her. During those years, she even got married, moved from Jodhpur to Bengaluru and started all over again. But four years ago, motherhood knocked doors and overnight, she gave up her career. She says, “I didn’t have a goal in my life anymore; I went into depression. I would relentlessly search for work from home opportunities, which were limited to data entry and recruitment. But, I wanted something that wasn’t repetitive, and would allow me to grow intellectually.”

(L-R) Anushray Gupta (CTO), Nikhil Pawar (Head of Curriculum), Manan Khurma (CEO), Akshay Kumar (COO)

Things changed in February 2016 when Priyanka received a congratulatory e-mail from Cuemath, a technology-driven content platform. She had successfully cleared a stringent selection process and was eligible to undertake after-school math enrichment programmes for neighbourhood children from LKG to class 8.There were over 25,000 women who had applied across six cities. For Priyanka, being selected was a “matter of pride.” Today, she teaches eight children every evening. Next year, once her son enters school, Priyanka will have more time. She says, “I am aiming to increase my class to 40 students by end of next year and Cuemath is guiding me towards reaching that goal.”

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