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How Cuemath Focuses on Its Vision to Become a Global Math Brand

Written by Manisha Sharma
April 25, 2022

Cuemath was founded in 2013, as an after-school online Math program for KG to 12th grade students. They tap into every child’s natural math power, amplifying achievement and skyrocketing their confidence. Cuemath is backed by Light rock, Alpha Wave Incubation, Sequoia Capital India, CapitalG (formerly Google Capital), and Manta Ray and is present in over 50+ countries. They are certified by Grant Thornton and the curriculum is also STEM and Google for Education-accredited. Their teaching methodology has a unique approach that combines 1:1 group instruction with engaging puzzles, and interactive visuals to teach math as intuitive logic and has a self-paced curriculum keeping the learning pace of students in mind.

At CIOL, Manan Khurma, Chairman and Founder at Cuemath, has shared his perspective on the future of education and how Cuemath is working towards removing maths anxiety among students to create a generation of problem solvers and creative thinkers.
Tell us about Cuemath and your offerings. Tell us about the team.
Cuemath offers a one-of-a-kind, live online learning platform for maths. An ardent student and maths educator, I founded Cuemath in 2013, with the sole purpose of making a positive and impactful change to how maths was taught to students. Cuemath believes that maths makes you invincible – with the power of maths by their side, students can achieve greatness both inside and outside the classroom. Cuemath’s mission is to be the global maths leader, unlocking the multitude of possibilities a strong maths foundation can provide for students across the globe.

Capria - Cuemath

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Over 200,000 students have experienced stellar learning outcomes with Cuemath

The online maths tutoring space is a $30 billion global market. For generations, students have struggled to overcome their fear of maths while educators have struggled to implement proper methods to define and measure the success of maths education. This means that, effectively, the demand to truly learn and master mathematical fundamentals is at an all-time high. Future jobs are dependent on a sound understanding of mathematics and more and more students and parents alike are turning to Cuemath to help their children engage with this critical subject.

Cuemath’s curriculum covers maths visually and focuses on real-world examples rather than abstract theorems. We demonstrate how a concept works, making it super easy for children to grasp concepts deeply and intuitively. Our program contrasts with existing approaches that emphasize memorisation and rote mechanics to understand underlying maths concepts, and instead gamifies the experience with age-appropriate visuals.

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