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We tested these GenAI tools so that you don’t have to

Written by Capria Team
November 10, 2023

At Capria, we’re on a mission to harness the power of GenAI to revolutionize our daily workflow. That is why we’ve reviewed 75+ GenAI tools available in the market to find the best tools to bring Capria into the next era of AI-enhanced operations. We’ve already implemented some great GenAI tools and are excited to share a few more tools that we’re evaluating and testing:

  1. NumerousAI is an OpenAI-powered Excel/Google Sheets plug-in that uses ChatGPT to power Excel formulas. It enables users to automate tasks, improve accuracy, and generate spreadsheet ideas.
  2. PDFGear is a free PDF editor with AI assistance that can simplify document editing workflows, including PDF editing, conversion from other file formats, compression, and splitting.
  3. Superhuman is an email client that integrates with Gmail and Outlook and uses AI to help users manage their inboxes more efficiently through automated email writing, prioritization, scheduling, and tracking.
  4. Dropbox Dash is an AI-powered universal search tool that connects all your files, apps, and tabs (apart from Dropbox, it can also connect with Drive, Asana, Salesforce, etc) into a single search bar. They’re also working on a chatbot that answers questions based on your specific file database.
  5. MerlinAI is a multi-purpose Chrome browser extension that summarizes web pages, articles, files, and videos and integrates ChatGPT into Google search.

How exactly does Capria test out GenAI tools?

Want to know how your firm can evaluate and implement such productivity tools?

Then here’s a peek at Capria’s process for assessing SaaS tools:

  1. Invest in Specialization: Investing in specialized datasets for fine-tuning can significantly boost an LLM’s performance in industry-specific tasks.
  2. Privacy Audit: We thoroughly examine the privacy policy to ensure there’s no risk of using sensitive data (for example, are they using the data entered in the app to train their language model?).
  3. Trial Period: We either sign up for a free trial (you can always email support to request one if the company doesn’t offer it on its website) or sign up for a one-month subscription to test the waters. Our GenAI team does initial testing to understand the tool’s quality and usability.
  4. User Testing: If it passes our initial assessment, we recruit 1-3 team members most likely to use the tool to test and give feedback. We then use this to conduct a cost-benefit analysis.
  5. Implementation & Training: We incorporate successful tools into our operations with training sessions and ‘How to Use’ guides for our team.

What’s next?

Stay connected with us as we continue experimenting with these GenAI tools and choose the best ones to implement!


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