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Digital Diagnostic Platform 5C Network Introduces ‘Quality Guarantee’ and Borderless Radiology Programs

Written by ET Healthworld
May 14, 2022

AI-enabled digital diagnostics platform, 5C network, has launched Quality Guarantee and Borderless Radiology programs to provide patients with precise, accurate, and complete radiology reports within hours. The 5C Quality Guarantee program supports diagnostic centers to deliver high quality reports within a predictable timeline. Whereas, the Borderless Radiology program allows talented trusted radiologists in any part of the country to extend their services by associating with the platform. Radiologists can can also use their training and skills to serve their profession without worrying about creating or building any infrastructure. 5C Network has invested significantly in infrastructure, technology, processes and trained people to make this a reality. In return the platform also assures and guarantee patient satisfaction, trust and reliability on reports delivered by the company. To testify their customer centricity, 5C Network will also compensate the client with a free report for every inaccurate report sent from the 5C network, subject to validation.

Capria - Radiologits in Action

5C Network has invested significantly in infrastructure, technology, processes and trained people to make this a reality

Speaking on the launch, Kalyan Sivasailam, CEO and Co-founder, 5C Network, said, “In India, the estimated number of scans is over a million every day and less than 12-15 thousand radiologists to report. We have seen that most reports provided by diagnostic centres carry averaged errors ranging between 5%-10% from minor to major discrepancies. This is where the quality guarantee and borderless radiology programs will prove as game changers. We are able to launch this by constantly optimizing, scientifically designed end-to-end processes that ensure accuracy and precision. The objective of the program is to produce the highest quality report while reducing defects to the lowest possible level.”

In parallel, with the rapidly expanding customer base in India and growing interest from other geographies, 5C has embarked on a path-breaking program to further strengthen the diagnostics ecosystem by launching the Borderless Radiology program to increase the number of active radiologists keen to practice beyond their local communities. The program provides an opportunity for radiologists to foster learning and collaboration beyond borders among physicians, diagnosticians, and patients, all intended to improve healthcare delivery. Radiologists associated with the 5C Borderless Radiology program could consider it an entrepreneurial, professional option.

He further added, “At 5C Network, we believe that improving the diagnostic process is not only possible but also represents a moral, professional, and public health imperative. We use technology-enabled platforms , artificial intelligence, analytics, and a highly efficient quality control layer to identify divergence. In addition, our Borderless Radiology program will provide motivated radiologists opportunities to make a difference in patients’ lives. We believe that these twin programs will ensure that patients will have improved access to accurate and high-quality diagnoses every time they visit an imaging centre.

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