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Decoding Blitz and Sustainable Scaling for Startups, and Why Founders Should Pick One Over the Other

Written by Rahm Shastry
September 22, 2022

Startup scaling is hard work. So, be careful how you choose to scale your startup. While blitz scaling focuses on speed over efficiency, sustainable scaling prioritizes efficiency in the face of uncertainty. It’s up to you, which way you want to go.

As an entrepreneur, I have been involved with startups for over two decades — both in Silicon Valley and India. During this time, I have witnessed a sea change in the startup ecosystem. Startups today can attract huge funding even before a product is proven. Investors driven by an apparent ‘fear of missing out’ invest heavily, which in turn puts pressure on entrepreneurs to scale prematurely. This was not the case a decade or so ago. Entrepreneurs had to prove that they had a market-fit product before they scaled.

Capria - DriveU Co founder 1

As entrepreneurs, we are in a hurry to prove our ‘killer product’. We believe we have a better mousetrap. We think we have a huge TAM (total addressable market) and we can scale faster than the rest. There are two ways to scale — the classical, old-fashioned way or via blitz scaling.

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