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Cuemath Raises Series A, Grows 4x in Six Months

Written by Capria Admin
June 7, 2016

June 6, 2016 (Bangalore): Cuemath is one of the fastest growing networks of math learning centres in India today. With a unique math and logic program designed by alumni of top institutes around the world, it offers a technology platform for women to run home-based learning centres for young students in LKG through to class 8.

rectangular_logoWith a USD 4 mn investment from Sequoia India and existing investor Unitus Ventures, Cuemath is now expanding their math learning programs within India and other international markets. Over 25,000 teachers have applied to be a part of the Cuemath network. The company, which has a stringent selection criteria, has signed on over 1200 teachers from this pool. Growing over 4x in 6 months, Cuemath plans to get to 5000 teachers by March 2017.

India has a large population of highly-educated, skilled women who, while primarily being homemakers, are also looking for meaningful options to employ their skills while maintaining a balance between work and home. Cuemath’s distribution model focuses on economically empowering such women, across age groups, making them part of a skilled workforce while giving them the flexibility of working from home.

“Cuemath helps me earn a significant income without sacrificing my home life, while helping follow my passion for teaching. My students learn better and faster using the Cuemath system, and I have seen terrific results by them in school exams and math competitions”, says Nancy Sharma, a Cuemath Teacher from Delhi.

Cuemath’s differentiation is a technology-driven content platform which combines adaptive, gamified learning with a curriculum that focuses on first-principles learning. Based on a learning-by-doing methodology, Cuemath students actively drive the learning process, supervised by the teachers.

Cuemath post-02“Cuemath has personalization strongly integrated into its system. Each child works on his / her own learning trajectory, independent of the next child. This is possible since ours is a learning-by-doing model and the teacher is only facilitating the learning process instead of teaching.” said, Manan Khurma, Founder of Cuemath.

“Our positioning is simple – that we are razor focused on math, and employ technology, proprietary content, and offline distribution to enable the best learning outcomes. We don’t have any near-term plans of building learning programs for other subjects. Our ambition is to expand our unique math learning program to various cities in India and other geographies outside of India. We are looking at a 4-5x growth in the number of teachers and 20x growth in students by the end of March 2017”, he adds.

Abheek Anand, Principal, Sequoia Capital India Advisors says “Cuemath’s USP lies in their innovative distribution model. The concept of empowering homemakers and enabling them to run home-based learning centres is something that is both highly scalable and impactful. This is a company that marries strong performance with a mission to solve a very real problem faced in this country today – how to enable millions of educated, talented women to employ their skills from the flexibility of their home.”

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Commenting on Cuemath’s growth journey, Srikrishna Ramamoorthy, Partner, Unitus Ventures says, “We are really happy to be the partners for Cuemath’s growth since the seed investment stage in 2014. What always stood out for us was the way the founders focused on helping children not just learn, but get to love Math, in a way that was both scalable and repeatable. CueMath’s unique model helps people in low-mid income segments get access to proven, customized and affordable math learning solution. Their deep research on Math learning reflects in the strength of their content and the 25,000+ teacher applications demonstrate the interest the program generates in creating micro-entrepreneurship opportunities for qualified, educated women.”


Cuemath’s unique learning program –

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