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GoCoop Helps Cooperatives Find Their Place in a Global Market

Written by Capria Admin
September 22, 2014

Disruptive solutions have become the mantra for 21st century impact entrepreneurs

Siva Devireddy Founder GoCoopWhen it comes to providing simple answers to complicated situations, disruption has become the mantra of the 21st century impact entrepreneur. This mantra, however, is not of the cut-and-paste variety: an entrepreneur that hopes to serve customers at the wildly diverse and competitive ecosystem present at the base of the economic pyramid has to find a unique conclusion that is flexible enough to fit its nuances. Impact entrepreneur and CEO of GoCoop, Siva Devireddy, explained to us that the journey to his solution involved personal insight, on-ground education and a deep understanding of his customer base. GoCoop provides cooperatives and community-based enterprises with a marketplace service that grants them direct access to buyers.

From Cloud Computing to Cooperative Computing

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 2.43.23 PMAny solution that hopes to fix the problems of the cooperative sector needs to be extremely comprehensive. With over 50000 unique entities in India, the century-old structures face an increasingly diverse set of obstacles. Siva Devireddy explains that GoCoop’s approach to these obstacles involved identifying the common thread that ran through these organizations: “I think of it like this. I went from cloud computing to cooperative computing. I started with Fortune 500 clients and helped them with their business strategy, technology strategy, and improving their business performance. Coming to a completely different sector, there are things that are similar between the two. I help cooperatives come online, do business, set up operations, and although it’s on a completely different grassroots level, it’s really helped me understand how to get them online.” And, indeed it has: GoCoop currently has over 3500 cooperatives registered on their website. An organization that registers with the online service can control prices, research competition and come to a complete understanding of the market that they work in. They are ensured transactional security and provided access to large channels of consumers at an affordable price.

Maintaining Focus into the Future

man-with-bedsheet-442x332The modern cooperative is plagued with a series of problems. Many cooperatives lack access to modern consumers, produce undesirable goods with low standards of production and find that their products are becoming outdated due to the advent of modern technology. How can a single entrepreneur manage to solve all of these issues? “I’m sure there are quite a few issues that need to be addressed in these organizations but fundamentally we are looking into two parts of it: marketing and operations,” Siva explains. This focus expands far into the future: “I think we already have quite a few services implemented, so we’re not planning for anything new. We are planning to build out our current services and make them more complex. We’re focused on driving value from cooperatives to the services that we offer.”

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