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Capria’s Annual Impact Report Highlights a 415% Growth of Collective Portfolio in the Global South

Written by Capria Admin
August 23, 2022
  • Collective investments by Capria and Capria’s network of investing partners exceeded USD 300 million across regions.
  • Portfolio companies demonstrated resilience and impacted more than 31 million lives.
  • Capria Network portfolio companies created 173,000 jobs and collectively generated a revenue of USD 2.4 billion, a 415% y-o-y growth.

August 23rd, 2022 – Seattle/Bangalore/Singapore/Nairobi: Capria Ventures, the leading venture network investing in extraordinary tech startups of the “Global South”, has released its annual impact report. According to the report, Capria and its network of funds have backed phenomenal founders building startups with  resilient business models that have thrived despite the pandemic-induced setbacks.

More than USD 304 million of capital was deployed in over 220 early-stage startups, impacting 31 million lives including 4.8 million women. These companies created around 173,000 jobs. The portfolio collectively generated revenues of USD 2.4 billion, clocking an year-on-year growth of 415%.

Will Poole, Managing Partner and Co-founder, Capria Ventures said “The year 2021 was  marked in the history of startup investing with record-breaking deals, and with a record number of startups turning unicorns. At Capria, we have always believed in the resilience of Global South markets and of the startups born in the region and scaling rapidly there. While the world is still going through pandemic-driven turmoil and facing economic headwinds,

Capria’s global network of fund managers continued their investing programs, supporting startups that were instrumental in delivering the impact we announced today”

Capria is committed to delivery of market-rate returns while also creating impact through its early stage investments in the Global South. As we gear up for the coming year, we are on a mission to outperform the impact created by empowering more lives, unleashing a plethora of job opportunities, and boosting entrepreneurship across these dynamic markets.”

Revenue and resilience

In Latin America, Capria Network invested USD 791 million in XX startups, a 58% jump from the previous year. In 2021, the portfolio generated USD 329 million in revenues, recording a 260% jump from the previous year. This impacted more than 4 million lives and around 8,800 jobs were created.

In Southeast Asia, Capria Network invested around USD 131 million across the region, a whopping 1,123% jump from 2020, with portfolio companies generating USD 903 million in revenues, clocking a 600% growth over the last year. Its portfolio in the region is spread across 53 companies from six countries.

In India, Capria Network has invested in 26 companies, mirroring the global theme of rallying behind founders building fast-scaling resilient businesses. , around USD 43 million was invested, marking a 72% jump from the previous year. The portfolio generated a total revenue of USD 311 million.

In Sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East and North Africa, Capria Network fund managers invested USD 51 million in 2021, increasing the cumulative capital deployed by 585% over 2020. Up to 2021, the firm had backed 54 companies across 12 countries in the region.

Making strides where it matters: ESG

At Capria, ESG is fundamental in all investment decisions. We believe good ESG practices produce higher returns while mitigating risks. The firm enhances the development and institutionalization of ESG best practices among both companies and Capria Network fund managers help create a resilient ecosystem where great companies grow and thrive. As an industry leader in impact and ESG, Capria conducts a thorough screening during due diligence. The firm also works with portfolio founders after investment, focusing on strengthening the complete cycle of impact systems.

Today, 100% of Capria’s partner funds have a process in place to screen companies based on the IFC Exclusion list and other best practices. Further, all of the firm’s direct investments follow responsible hiring and employment practices in compliance with local and global standards. Nearly all funds have institutionalized anti-corruption policies and have an Environmental and Social Management System implemented at the fund level More than two thirds of fund managers have started implementing ESG best practices across their portfolio companies.

You can download the report here >

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About Capria Ventures

Capria is the leading venture fund and network investing in extraordinary tech startups of the Global South. Capria helps activate strong relationships between hundreds of founders and leading local VC firms in the tech-hubs of the Global South – from Sao Paulo to Lagos to Bangalore to Jakarta. Capria brings state of the art venture capital innovation combined with global best practices of impact and ESG management to select and manage its portfolio of market-leading companies serving the fastest growing economies of the world. Capria’s network of investing partners collectively manage assets more than USD 1B, deployed in the best startups in their regions. Capria has offices in Seattle, Bangalore, Nairobi and Washington DC. More about Capria >

About Capria Network

Capria Network is the leading global network of fund managers from the Global South collaborating to deliver superior returns and scaled impact. The member firms are managing assets approaching USD1 billion with a presence in 37 emerging countries across Africa, Latin America, and South and Southeast Asia. Led by more than 40 senior local investment principals, these firms work together to share expertise, best practices, business connections, and investment resources as they invest venture capital into and provide support to early-stage, fast-growing local startups. More about Capria Network >


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