The Opportunity

Fast-growing emerging economies offer uncorrelated and diversified alternatives to US and European markets

Greenfield markets

Innovative, fast-growing tech-enabled businesses can profitably serve consumer and business needs in vast, largely under-served markets of Latin America, Africa, and South / SE Asia.

Undervalued assets

Early-growth businesses in emerging markets are largely undervalued compared to those in overheated developed economies. Buyers’ markets are well known to produce more consistent returns.

Economic resilience

Investing in a diverse range of companies primarily addressing local consumption of essential products and services results in resilience to economic downturns.

The Capria Advantage

With hundreds of years of collective experience investing in emerging markets, we know how to find the most profitable opportunities

Investment Focus

Capria makes VC and innovative debt investments into tech-driven “soon-icorns” in select countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia (ex. China) both through and alongside local fund managers.

Blue-chip Investors

Our LPs include Vulcan Capital (family office), Bill Gates (family office), Omidyar Network, International Finance Corporation, Ford Foundation and other family offices and institutional investors.

Network Effects

Capria is already making smarter investments, creating more value, and will get better exits by leveraging hundreds of years of collective investing experience of 40+ investment professionals located on-the-ground in our target markets.

Direct and Co-Investment Opportunities

Capria invests alongside our partners in dual-vetted companies not otherwise accessible to overseas investors. Capria offers curated co-investment opportunities to our LPs as well.

Invest with Capria

Capria has been building its partner network since 2015. In late 2018 we achieved first close of our fund, from which we are actively investing now. We are engaging with LPs to learn their needs and prepare for opening Capria Fund II in late 2021 or early 2022.


If you are an accredited investor and would like to discuss an investment in the current fund.

Our Investors

We are backed by family offices, institutional investors and foundations.

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