Capria Investment

Capria provides smart, flexible capital to fund managers in the Global South.

Capital is invested based on the unique needs of each fund manager including:

Seed Capital into the Management Company (GP)

By investing in your management company, Capria can provide you with capital to forward invest in building out or growing your team and operations.

Portfolio Warehousing

Capria enables you to start building your portfolio on our balance sheet by providing you with capital to get deals done prior to your fund’s first close. After your fund is formed, the assets are transferred to your newly created fund. This allows you to put your investment thesis into action and enhances the attractiveness of your pitch to investors.

Fund Investment

Based on your progress, Capria will consider making a significant investment in your new fund.


Capria will look to strategically invest capital in your best portfolio companies.

For additional ways Capria works with fund managers to build enduring and best-in-class investment firms – 

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