GAIN Workshop: Using GenAI for Automate Sales by Martin Gontovnikas

Written by Capria Value-Add Team
May 21, 2024

Curious about how Generative AI (GenAI) is revolutionizing outbound and product-led sales? Join us as we explore the transformative insights shared during a recent AMA session hosted by Will Poole with Martin Gontovnikas. Discover how companies like RAMP are leveraging AI to personalize outreach, boost engagement, and drastically reduce workloads for Sales Development Representatives (SDRs).

In this workshop, one will learn about cutting-edge AI tools for lead generation and email automation, the importance of fine-tuning models for impactful communication, and the crucial role of human oversight in AI-driven content creation. Dive into the strategies that can help one’s company efficiently manage sales, enhance engagement, and stay ahead in the competitive market.

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About the Speaker

Martin Gontovnikas

Martin Gontovnikas, fondly known as Gonto, is a B2B SaaS Advisor to esteemed organizations such as Vercel and Rev, and the Co-Founder of Hypergrowth Partners. At his core, Gonto is a software engineer who transitioned to the realm of Marketing, the so-called “dark side”, ultimately discovering a way to meld his dual passions by applying his “engineering thinking” model to Marketing. Prior to his current role, he served as the SVP of Marketing and Growth at Auth0.

As a seasoned software engineer, Gonto created Restangular, a popular framework for AngularJS. This notable contribution is used by esteemed companies like, Reuters, CNN, among others. Surprisingly, he discovered that promoting Restangular—through content creation for his blog, answering queries on StackOverflow, and speaking at events—brought him more joy than the actual development of the framework. This marked his shift towards the “dark side.”

Gonto’s engineering background fuels his analytical approach to marketing. He thrives on devising new experiments that propel his customers’ revenue growth continuously. His hands-on, experimental approach differentiates him in the marketing field, making him a valuable asset to any organization seeking to leverage the power of data-driven marketing strategies.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Gontovnikas enjoys the finer things in life. He’s an ardent foodie, always on the hunt for new gourmet restaurants. An ardent beer lover, he relishes tasting local brews with friends, and he’s a globe-trotter, continuously seeking out fresh experiences. Gonto’s vibrant personality extends well beyond his professional expertise, making him a dynamic multi-faceted individual.

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