GAIN Workshop: AI Storytelling by Mark Leruste

Written by Capria Value-Add Team
February 1, 2024

At Capria Ventures, we understand that it’s not just about implementing Generative AI; it’s about crafting a compelling narrative that resonates internally with one’s team and externally with potential investors, shareholders, and the broader audience.

“The story that will change your life isn’t the story that you hear, it’s the story you’ll share.” – Mark Leruste

Capria’s exclusive workshop for GAIN community by Mark, a global bestselling author on AI, dives into the transformative power of storytelling, revealing how one’s personal narrative can forge deep connections, inspire change, and communicate with clarity in a noisy digital world.

In this workshop, Mark Leruste guides attendees through practical exercises and insightful discussions to refine their storytelling skills. He shares strategies to personalize pitches, craft compelling narratives using the “3C story hack,” and ensure messages resonate with any audience. Whether one is a founder seeking investment or a business aiming to connect with their audience, Mark’s expertise will help master the art of storytelling and achieve one’s goals.

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About the Speaker

Capria - Mark HeadshotAs a leadership and communication expert, best-selling author and CEO of Storycast©, Mark Leruste is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and business leaders create stories, movements and brands that positively impact and change the world.

A renowned international keynote speaker and award-winning podcast host, he captivates audiences at conferences and Fortune 500 companies. With a TEDx talk viewed over a million times, Mark’s influence extends to prestigious institutions like the NHS, Google, The Premier League and Oxford Business School. As former Country Manager at the Movember Foundation, he raised £2.8 million for men’s health and inspired 110,000 fundraisers to take part.

Today Mark collaborates with innovative organisations, helping them find their purpose and share their story, leaving a lasting imprint on diverse sectors worldwide.

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