With US $700,000 Pre-seed Round, Mexican Startup Midoconline Plans to Expand

The telehealth company closed a round led by Angel Ventures, a Mexican venture capital firm dedicated to early-stage investments. The Chinese-American fund SOSV and angel investors John Farrell (former Google Mexico) and Sebastian Siebert (Medicruiter) also participated.

CEO and co-founder of Midoconline, Fernando Carvajal Pla, praised Angel Ventures. “It is one of the funds with the longest history in Mexico, the growth of [fintech companies] Clip or Kueski is an example of the great vision they have,” he said in a statement.

Midoconline offers individuals and companies online medical consultations and other related services under a monthly subscription modality. It was founded in 2016, and —according to company data— they have grown at a rate of more than 1000% in the last two years, currently reaching 300,000 clients.

They will use the new capital to reach the US, grow in LatAm, and develop more services.

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