Clare Mengebier

Operations Manager, ESG Manager

Clare is responsible for managing Capria’s core processes and technology architecture, ensuring that the firm is operating at peak organizational effectiveness as it scales up. She is also focused on guiding change management efforts and promoting seamless collaboration and knowledge-sharing across global teams and partnerships with fund managers, portfolio companies, and LPs.

In her role as Impact & ESG Manager, Clare leads the firm’s ESG diligence, impact screening, measurement, and monitoring across its portfolio of tech-driven funds and startups. She ensures that high-quality reporting is provided to key stakeholders, including LPs, regarding the impact of the firm’s investments.

Previously, Clare led a team of data coordinators at a research firm where she oversaw database setup, programming, and specifications testing for global health studies. This included a multi-year study with 8,000 participants across 4 countries. She also worked as Operations Manager for an international development organization in Nicaragua, where she supervised a multinational staff and managed the implementation of over 1,200 medical mission and economic development trips.