Investment Philosophy

Ten years ago, after long and successful entrepreneurial and corporate careers, Capria partners Will Poole and Dave Richards saw that the pace of maturation of the VC startup ecosystem in India was reaching an inflection point. It was fueled by exceptional entrepreneurs, affordable mobiles and data, favorable government policy, and ultimately the digitization of nearly everything. They had raised and invested two early-stage funds (2013 and 2018 vintage), both of which are showing excellent results. 

Not far into that journey, they saw that similar market dynamics were propelling tech hubs forward at similar rates across the Global South – from Sao Paulo to Lagos to Jakarta. To capitalize on the broader opportunity, they built strong relationships with a network of investing partners in the 15 fast-growing tech hubs of the Global South. Soon after, veteran investor and ecosystem building Susana Garcia-Robles joined the team to help bring her knowledge of 20 years of venture capital in LatAm to the Global South.

Capria is now raising its second fund for the Global South, the 5th for the firm. Capria Global South Fund II will make investments in 20+ early-growth companies showing the potential to become unicorns. We primarily source opportunities from the best of the portfolios of our partner network. We like to get into the companies after product-market fit and ability to scale are established, but before they reach hockey-sticks in valuation growth. 

Our Thesis

We invest in visionary entrepreneurs and top technology teams. Our latest fund will be investing in 20-25 early-growth tech startups in the entrepreneurial hotspots of Southeast Asia, India, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.