Annual Impact

Report 2020

Throughout 2020, we have shown that selection of managers and companies premised on serving the essential needs of rapidly growing domestic populations delivers both positive social impact and unprecedented resilience. We shared this perspective in our resilience theory in late 2018, long before the pandemic; we are pleased to say that our global partners’ company selection and management efforts were on the right path then, and are even more so now.


Our deep focus on tech-driven scalable companies has also worked to our advantage, with the best of them growing exponentially despite the pandemic lockdowns, and in the process creating unprecedented impact as well as economic opportunity. 2021 will be a bumpy recovery, but we see the path forward. We’re excited to be on a journey in a more digitized world that’s rapidly embracing technology for the betterment of all, accelerating technology adoption in the Global South potentially a decade ahead of plan.

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