The Cities Competing to Become Latin America’s Silicon Valley

A country of continental dimensions, for a long time technological production in Brazil was restricted to the state of São Paulo. Now, several cities are vying for the label of the new Silicon Valley.

That decentralization mirrors what has happened in the U.S., as Silicon Valley now shares the status of the country’s technology hub with Miami, while the pandemic has also spurred new technology hubs in Texas, where, in Austin, Tesla now has its headquarters.

In Brazil, attempts to replicate Silicon Valley are even happening in name, from Vale do Pinhão, in Curitiba, to San Pedro Valley, in Minas Gerais. Closed hubs such as Cubo, of Itaú, in São Paulo, and Base 27, in Espírito Santo, also foster Brazilian innovation spaces, together with open hubs such as Porto Digital, in Recife, a technology cluster in the northeast of the country.

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