How 3 female founders are redefining healthtech & biotech in LatAm

Latin America is buzzing with innovation and top talent in the healthtech and biotech industries. Entrepreneurs and investors are catching on to the countless opportunities that the region has to offer.

With COVID-19, the demand for their solutions put these industries at the frontline of the pandemic creating an evident disruption in their roadmaps. Apart from accelerating regulatory processes in these industries, the pandemic opened up an opportunity to innovate and provide better products and services to underserved markets.

Some of these solutions are being led by incredible entrepreneurs that are challenging the status quo, breaking stigmas, and reorienting the focus of care and treatment in patients through their healthtech and biotech solutions. These entrepreneurs are Andrea Campos from Yana, Flavia Deutsch from Theia, and Pia Garat from EOLO Pharma.

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