Business transformations: Communicating a new vision and inspiring employees

If you’re about to lead major change at your organisation, one thing’s for certain.No matter how great your vision, your plan, the enthusiasm of investors and your top team, you’re also going to need the excited engagement of your employees.

To transform an enterprise demands you first define your new mission and high-level plan and communicate it to your leadership team in a meaningful and powerful way. Then you must listen to and act on quality feedback, move onto detailed plans that define actions, responsibilities and timescales. Then go out among your workforce and earn their confidence. You’re going to need to energise and empower everyone to deliver.

Signpost what will change (and what won’t). Why will it change and when? Why is it necessary? How will the changes better serve your people’s goals? You’ll need employee buy-in and for that you’ll need localised engagement models.

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