Capria GenAI Tool Spotlight:

Written by Capria Admin
August 25, 2023

Need to absorb hours of podcasts and videos fast? Let PodsmartAI be your savvy sidekick as this ingenious AI platform creates precise transcriptions and summaries of online media and audio files in just minutes. Skip the fluff, zero in on key insights, and query the transcripts to extract intel quickly, allowing you to grasp the big ideas in a flash, then effortlessly share pithy summaries with your team. PodsmartAI makes consuming content fun and quick for busy knowledge seekers.


  • Transcribes any podcast, YouTube video or private audio file (MP3/M4A/WAV)
  • Fast transcription (1-hour podcast in 2-4 minutes) allows you to glean learnings quickly
  • Creates AI-generated summaries with key topics, timestamps, and the ability to ask questions about the transcription
  • Translation to English when accessing a non-English podcast
  • Creates a repository for previously transcribed podcasts that you can access later


  • The platform is relatively new and can be glitchy so it requires some patience!
  • Transcriptions will not work if the tab is closed or the computer goes to sleep while transcription in progress
  • Podcasts from private sources (e.g. published on a private website) may not be available to transcribe

Sample Use Cases

  • Transcribing podcasts to stay up to date: Summarize podcasts into brief, concise summaries. This can be helpful for busy professionals who want to quickly get the gist of a podcast without having to listen to the whole thing.
  • Creating blog posts or articles based on your podcast content: PodsmartAI can create blog posts or articles based on your firm’s podcast, YouTube, or audio content. This will save your team hours of time producing marketing materials on your content!
  • Upload audio files of meetings and important interviews: In case there was an important meeting or interview that was missed, instead of having people go watch recordings, this tool can be used to provide short summaries of what was missed and leverage the querying to offer quick answers to frequently asked questions.

Capria’s Take:

PodsmartAI is one of the few AI-enabled platforms that allows users to take long podcasts and audio files and enrich their learning experience while still being reasonably priced.

Capria uses PodsmartAI to do the same and also shares summaries internally so those who do not have time to listen to podcasts can still stay current and up to date with the latest information.


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