New jobs make healthcare affordable

May 14, 2020

In Mexico, 11,000,000 people need access to a physiotherapist every day but there are only 10,000 physiotherapists. That means 90% of patients have to go to more expensive nurses and doctors, or go without treatment. The situation is expected to worsen as demand for physiotherapists doubles in the next 5 years. To solve this problem of lack of quality physiotherapists, IPETH opened the first university specializing in physiotherapy in all Central America.

Impact #1: Quality education that leads to decent work

Right now, IPETH is training 6,000 students on five campuses across Mexico and Guatemala. They’re the leading university specializing in physiotherapy in Mexico. And they’re certified by The International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM), the only university in the world with that distinction.

Many courses are taught by licensed medical doctors (M.D.) and they have a track-record of recruiting the best instructors from Spain, Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina. Eighty percent (80%) of their professors are from outside Mexico and students are trained to global standards. This means IPETH students are certifiable both inside and outside Latin America, including the US, Canada, and Germany.

Impact #2: Caring for disadvantaged communities

On-campus rehabilitation centers provide services to low income populations. Staffed by students, these centers provide care to 1,000 patients a day. And it costs only USD $2 per session, affordable to low income people. No other university in Latin America does this.

Impact #3: More affordable healthcare

Ninety percent (90%) of IPETH graduates secure jobs. Many others open their own clinics and work for themselves. These entrepreneurial graduates go to work where the demand for affordable care is greatest. Q3 2019 saw an 86.2% increase in new enrolled students. IPETH anticipates over 22,000 graduates by 2028.

IPETH is a portfolio company of Adobe Capital, part of the Capria Network. Adobe Capital invests in agents of change with scalable, sustainable, and market-based solutions that can be local engines of economic growth throughout Latin America. They chose IPETH because the university provides three measurable forms of impact: quality education that leads to decent work and economic opportunities, graduates that make good health and well being more affordable, and campus clinics that serve marginalized and disadvantaged communities. They’re excited at IPETH’s prospects for growth and scale.

Adobe Capital is a part of the Capria Network, the leading global network of emerging market fund managers collaborating to deliver superior returns and scaled impact. Read more >

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