Meet the Investor: Eunice Wambui, Capria Ventures

The way it strives to do all this, however, is slightly different. Instead of making direct investments in entrepreneurs, Capria Ventures instead mostly invests in emerging market fund managers, collaborating to deliver superior returns and scaled impact. It does also do warehouse investments as well.

“Capria was born from the belief that experienced local, on-the-ground fund managers are the best way to unlock opportunities. Our operations to this day remain centered around engagement with local fund managers who know the dynamics of local markets and needs of local entrepreneurs better than anyone.”

The firm helps the managers in the Capria Network collaborate with one another, share best practices, and find regional and global opportunities for their portfolio companies.

“We’ve also developed over 100 proprietary tools, templates and connections that fund managers use as they build their investment firms,” said Wambui.

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