Capria's Approach Towards
Impact Investing​

Capria invests in funds and early-growth startups in emerging markets that are improving the lives of millions of aspiring lower income families

Why Impact?

Investing in companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate financial returns as well as measurable social or environmental impact.

This global pandemic has opened our eyes to the need to rethink capitalism to solve for glaring social and environmental issues. Fortunately a model exists. While some organizations have engaged in this type of investing for decades, impact investing as a formal discipline developed only over the past 10-15 years.


Some argue this is lip service. Perhaps, it’s just good business. What we’re seeing is a cultural shift away from traditional notions of capitalism where profits trump all. And large institutional investors, including BlackStone Group, Carlyle Group, TPG, and Apollo Global Management, are taking notice with their own billion dollar funds dedicated to environmental and social governance and impact, adding to an existing market of just over half a trillion U.S. dollars worldwide.

How we approach impact

Investing in companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate financial returns as well as measurable social or environmental impact.

Capria has an inclusive approach to impact. We apply global best practices of impact investment and ESG management in order to increase resilience of our portfolio. As a recognition for our efforts as impact leaders in the space, we’ve been selected in the Impact Assets 50 for 7 years in a row.

We’ve developed a one-of-a-kind platform which provides capable, highly-vetted local fund managers with senior-level partnering, capacity building and a collaborating global peer network.

We take anchor GP positions to help managers bridge to their next fund, make LP investments, and co-invest alongside GP partners, providing three tiered returns from investments in a diverse range of geographies. We favor companies driven by local consumption, resulting in uncorrelated growth (vs. the West) and resilience to global downturns.

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We publish an Impact Report annually with data collected from the underlying portfolio companies of the funds in which we have invested as well as from Capria’s warehoused investments.

Our Affiliations

We are part of a diverse global community
of organizations

Organizations who are interested in deepening their engagement with the impact investment industry. Here are some of our prominent affiliations:

Operating Principles for Impact Management was launched in 2019, to describe the essential features of managing investment funds, Capria was one of the first investors to adopt the framework.


As a signatory to the Principles, Capria publicly discloses the alignment of our impact management systems with the Principles. The following documents are Capria’s disclosure statement and an independent verification report of alignment provided by an Independent Impact Sub-Committee of Capria’s Limited Partners (LP) Advisory Board.


Capria Impact Operating Principles Disclosure Statement >
Independent Verification Report >

In 2017, we aligned our impact outcomes with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which provides a universal language to communicate impact to a wide range of investors and other stakeholders, including (i) no poverty, (ii) zero hunger, (iii) good health and well being, (iv) quality education, (v) affordable and clean energy, (vi) decent work and economic growth, and (vii) sustainable cities and communities.


Since our inception in 2015, Capria has adopted a holistic, well-defined methodology of tracking and advancing portfolio companies’ progress and impact using industry standard IRIS metrics by GIIN.


Capria is committed to institutionalize training and support on gender smart investing principles across all Capria Network fund managers. We are part of the first-time and gender diverse fund managers initiative to address the structural barriers faced by women in raising and managing funds.

Our Impact Methodology

Our theory of impact goes beyond providing catalytic capital, aiming to impact populations

Capria’s theory of impact goes beyond providing catalytic capital, aiming to impact populations or systems that lack access to resources, essential products and services, or higher quality employment opportunities. We expect our network of fund managers to have impact across three primary dimensions:


Underserved markets

Foster innovative fast-growing tech-enabled businesses in vast, largely underserved markets of the Global South including India, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa.


Catalytic Capital

Provide entrepreneurs and fund managers access to capital and to our south-to-south network, impacting our portfolio’s long-term success through catalytic global connections and cross-pollination of information.

Inclusive Growth

Inclusive Growth

Invest in companies addressing local & sustainable consumption of essential products and services, resulting in greater impact per dollar invested and resilience to economic downturns. Target demographics for these solutions include BoP, minorities, women, and SMEs.

We have identified key impact metrics that align with Capria’s impact framework. We publish an Impact Report annually based on the aforementioned framework and methodology. For detailed methodology, please click here >


We’re proud to say that, as impact investors at Capria, over the past few years, our team has contributed significantly to this changing landscape – through our thought leadership, our transparent impact measurement and management framework, and by propagating our ideology through discussions with thought leaders around the world.

Our Impact Roadmap

We have been practicing pragmatic impact management using a roadmap that enables firms to align their impact investment strategies with traditional investment processes.

Key components of this roadmap for investors include defining the impact thesis, integrating impact with the investment strategy, reporting and applying results to manage and enhance impact and financial returns over time.

Elements of our impact and ESG roadmap have been integrated into Capria Edge, a proprietary, comprehensive and holistic fund manager capabilities evaluation tool, where each of 90 elements are rated on a predefined scale from 1 (getting started) to 5 (world-class leader).

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