Capria LP Network

A select group of Capria’s LPs are interested in engaging with leaders among Capria Founders Network to advise them, drawing on their deep operational experience in both the Global North and Global South. In exchange for their support of our founders, these LPs are given preferential access to co-investment opportunities and curated connections to founders and one another.

NameRegionFounder or Exec?Wins and Losses to Share
Investor 1Global EMBothWins: ecommerce, digital media, edtech, logistics; Losses: edtech, consumer services
Investor 2US, EuropeBothWins: digital media, deep tech video and AI, analytics
Investor 3Global EMExecWins: digital media, microfinance, health-tech; Losses: consumer services, agriculture
Investor 4AfricaExecWins: Education, financial services, logistics
Investor 5S/SE AsiaExecGlobal and regional supply chains, agtech, food