All things AI with Capria – Episode 1 featuring Will Poole

We are excited to bring to you a video series, #AllThingsAIwithCapria, where we will dive deep into the latest developments around AI and decode the future of this transformative technology.

In our very first episode, we host our Managing Partner and AI evangelist Will Poole who talks about Sam Altman’s testimony before the US Congress on regulating AI, his advice for entrepreneurs and the role of jobtech companies now.

Here are three quick takeaways from this episode:
1⃣ Regulation on generative AI can enhance efficiency without hindering progress.
2⃣ Upskilling is crucial for creating meaningful jobs in the face of AI-related job losses.
3⃣ Entrepreneurs using generative AI must strategize to harness its full potential.

Stay tuned to join the AI conversation and hear from more experts putting AI in action.

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