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Adobe Capital

Adobe Capital focuses on early-stage startups and invests Smart Money in Smart Solutions, in Mexico and Pacific Alliance Countries.


Fen Ventures

Fen Ventures supports high-impact technology-based companies to move from early-stage to operational expansion across new markets.


Pomona Impact

Pomona Impact invests in early stage growth businesses in Central America that create highly-scalable social and environmental impact.

Unitary Helion

Unitary Helion focuses on investing in technology innovation for the next 400M in India. The next 400 million is below the pyramid population that will drive, demand, consumption and income growth over the next decade.

Unitus Ventures

Unitus Ventures is a leading venture fund in India that supports early-stage tech startups with India scale and global emerging market potential.

Lateral Capital

Lateral Capital is a mission driven venture fund investing in early-stage opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

Capria leads the largest network of collaborating fund managers in emerging markets

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Targeting a $5 Trillion ‘missing middle’ opportunity

the opportunity

Imagine being able to run a new investment prospect or a business opportunity by 40 other deeply experienced partners for connections, solutions and insights.

Capria brings 4-and-40 partners to assist you in your fund and investments.

deeply experienced Capria partners, sharing
years of investing experience and collaborate with
partners from Capria Network funds around the world.

Capria partners with fund managers across the globe for  –

Capacity Building

Capria partners with and supports fund managers with in-depth, strategic, and customized services and tools that enhances the performance of their firm in critical functions.

Capital Deployment

Capria makes GP and LP investments now from its target USD $100M Capria Fund and is looking to unlock USD $500 million in global and local capital through the Capria Network.


Capria knows that sharing insights, best practices, tools, investment opportunities and connections will make all of us better investors, with more profitable results for our portfolios and for our LPs.

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Capria enhances fund manager’s ability to deliver superior returns through the network effect of collaborating funds, a proprietary investment platform backed by deep intellectual property and long-term partnership services.

Power of Capria

19 fund managers with 157 investments across 25 countries and USD $350 million AUM expected to achieve USD $1 billion by the end of 2020.


We are looking for investment management firms based in and investing in emerging & frontier markets that can deliver superior financial returns, scalable local impact, and collaborate with the Capria Network.

If you resonate with our model, we would love to learn more about your team and investment strategy. We evaluate funds on an ongoing basis. We are highly selective. Even if you’re not ready now, get to know us so we can be prepared for a future partnership.


Do you have a competitive edge over your investor peers?

Want to know more about the selection process?

Selected funds receive tailored partnership support, gain exclusive access to the Capria platform, collaborate with the Capria Network, and receive GP and LP investment capital when they are ready.

*Capria Edge is an information service that helps fund managers evaluate themselves and enhance their skills, capabilities and readiness for the most vital important aspects of their investment management business.

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We are backed by family offices, institutional investors and foundations.

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