About Us

Capria – CAP ree ah – means ‘capital flow’

Capria is the leading venture network investing in extraordinary startups of the Global South collaborating to scale. Capria helps activate strong relationships between hundreds of founders and 20 leading local VC firms in the tech-hubs of the Global South – from Sao Paulo to Lagos to Bangalore to Jakarta. Capria brings state of the art venture capital innovation combined with global best practices of impact and ESG management to select and manage its portfolio of market-leading companies serving the fastest growing economies of the world. Capria’s network of investing partners collectively manage more than USD $1 billion in assets deployed in the best startups of Latin America, Africa, India and Southeast Asia. Capria has offices in Seattle, Bangalore, Nairobi and Washington DC.

Meet our leadership team

We bring extensive, expertise & experience to deliver
value beyond money.

Current Opportunities

When you’re with us, you’re everywhere.

Regional Investment Director, Asia

Full Time, Bangalore

Investment Manager, Africa

Full Time, Africa

Our Advisors

We are fortunate to have an exceptional group of advisors and mentors.

Atul Bindal

Formerly Partner

Khosla Ventures (New Delhi)

Cathy Clark

Faculty Director

Duke University Fuqua School of Business (Raleigh-Durham)

David Chen

Principal & CEO

Equilibrium Capital (Portland)

Eric Savage

Co-Founder & CEO

Unitus Capital (Bangalore)

Geetha Tharmartnam


Aequalitas Capital Partners (London)

Jayesh Parekh

Senior Advisor

Jungle Ventures (Singapore)

Kylie Charlton


Australian Impact Investments & Co-Founder, MD, Unitus Capital (Sydney)

Lucho Torres

Board Member

Angel Ventures Peru & NESsT (Lima)

Norm Bontje

Formerly Managing Director

Blackrock (Seattle)

Ross Baird


Blueprint Local (Washington DC)

Wim Van Der Beek

Founder & Managing Partner

Goodwell Investments (Cape Town)

Johanna Gil Posada

Founder & Managing Partner

Elevar Equity (Washinton DC)

We are part of a diverse global community of organizations.

We are deepening their engagement with the impact investment industry. Here are some of our prominent partnerships: